A Unique Way to Celebrate Your Milestone Wedding Anniversary with Love

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Indigo Ember Postage Stamp Love Wood Card

Want to learn more about the impact Indigo Ember's wood cards are having on people lives similar to yours?  Pamela shares the story about how one of Indigo Ember's wooden cards have made a difference in celebrating her 16-year Wedding Anniversary including 20 years of being together:

Our love story, ~ I wanted to find a sentimental gift that would commemorate the year that my husband and I began our journey as partners in life. After being together for over 20 years, I desired to give him a gift that was unique, special, and creative – not your typical traditional card that you would purchase at a Hallmark or local retail store. I wanted a gift that symbolized to me how it all began. Therefore, I anxiously began my search to find that ONE special gift but could not find one. Until one day, I stumbled across a card so unique that I had to have it. YES, I found the PERFECT card!

My perfect card was a wooden card shaped as a postage stamp. But not any type of postage stamp – a stamp that was customized with my own signature backdrop and the celebratory year that my love story began with my partner. When I received the card in the mail, I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and design. I purchased the card stand as well so that I could also display this unique gift on my bookshelf, in my home. My husband absolutely adored it and I continuously cherish it as a unique reminder of where it all began. 

Our wooden postage stamp card also serves as a conversational piece as it catches the eye of my family and friends who visit my home. It engages them to reconnect or inquire about our love story. This is one purchase that I absolutely adore and wanted to share with others who desire to find that perfect unique gift that displays where your love story began.


This story could be yours! Explore our one-of-a-kind handmade wooden cards here. You can find our Postage Stamp style mini wood cards here.

Have a Heartfelt Expressions of Love story you want to share which celebrates a special time with your significant, family member(s), or best friend?
Send us your story and you may see it featured in one of our upcoming blog posts.




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