Embracing Life & Love in Oregon - Series 1

embracing your life & love

Photo Credits: © 2017 Patricia (Indigo Ember) 


The Summer sun has a special way of enticing us to come outside and enjoy it.  Summer is also synonymous with vacations! After much hard work with getting the Indigo Ember brand established, it was time for me to take time out to recharge my energy including embracing and enjoying life.

Each year my husband and I typically take a week-long vacation around our July wedding anniversary. This year we decided to celebrate our 11th year wedding anniversary at Eugene, Oregon. Why Eugene you may ask? We have visited Portland, Oregon in the past and want to get to know the state of Oregon a little more. My husband also liked the idea of Eugene being centrally located which afforded us opportunities to not only re-explore Portland but also experience Oregon's wine country and the beauties that lie on its coastline.

Over the next three weeks, I will share snippets of my Oregon journey and the time I took to embrace my life and love. My travels not only provide much-needed respite but also play a role in inspiring the work I do for Indigo Ember. In this first series, I want you to take a brief time-out and be in awe of the beauty that exists in Oregon.

While traveling, I enjoy photographing nature and the wonders that await to be explored. The above photo collage depicts some cherished moments with nature while in Oregon. And yes, that gorgeous coastline view at the top left corner was photographed in Oregon, not on an island! Amazing that kind of beauty exists in Oregon, isn’t it? My husband and I were pleasantly surprised, too.

The photo composition brings about so much peace, love, and happiness within me and I hope it does the same for you as well. I’m so inspired to create beautiful wooden products which could bring on similar emotions when you give one of Indigo Ember’s products to those you love. So, my thoughtful friend, take time out and enjoy the beauty that exists in this world with those that matter most to you. Until next time…





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