Embracing Life & Love in Oregon - Series 2

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Photo Credits: © 2017 Patricia (Indigo Ember) 


Last week, I gave you a snippet of the beautiful treasures that exist in Oregon state. For this second blog post of the Oregon vacation series, I will entice you with fabulous foods you can discover in Eugene, Portland, and throughout Oregon state. 

My husband and I are very much foodies. We enjoy trying new restaurants and revisiting our favorites. One of the main attractions that draw us to a particular travel destination is its local cuisine. My husband enjoys researching and selecting the best restaurants to try. Of course, I enjoy eating and exploring the ways creative chefs prepare their masterpieces! Something we agree on is when we reflect on our past vacations, the one topic we discussed the most is the food experiences. When one has a memorable appetizer, entree, or dessert, there is no forgetting that unbelievable experience!

On our first day in Eugene, we savored Grit restaurant's creations. It’s our favorite restaurant in the area. Mouth-watering and creative offerings live here! Their menu changes seasonally. Therefore, the items my husband and I tried may be unavailable. However, we really enjoyed their Bunuelos appetizer (crispy cheese puffs with green verde sauce) and their Grilled Romaine salad was savory and deliciously prepared.

We have ventured into Oregon’s wine countryside and sample some of their Pinot Noir wines at various wineries. A pleasant surprise was a well-arranged cheese plate executed by Abbelone Vineyard & Winery. It’s pictured in the photo collage above. I personally enjoy cheese boards but this one ranks in my top three for best cheese boards I have ever tried, thus far.  The meats and accompaniments included with this board were delectable.  

On our last full day in Eugene, my husband and I had a fabulous dinner at Party Downtown. Their menu is very creative and their foods have unique flavor profiles. Think Smoked Grapefruit soda beverage. That’s absolutely unique!  To get your mouth watering, three out of the five photos included in the photo collage are photographs of Party Downtown's creations. Their Broccoli lemon infused soup was delicious and whets the appetite. I highly recommend their version of the Fried Chicken. It’s slow cooked to perfection, requiring 20 minutes for preparation. However, it’s so worth the wait! Hubby and I finished the meal with their Strawberry Rhubarb pie and it was heavenly. 

Before we took off from Portland, Oregon on a red-eye flight, hubby and I enjoyed lunch at Jake’s Famous Crawfish restaurant. Surprisingly, I’m not a huge chocolate fan but I couldn’t pass up a very interesting dessert when it was presented to me. The paper bag looking dessert in the photo collage was taken there. It’s rightfully named The Chocolate Bag. It’s a huge dessert which will require sharing in order to finish it. It's delightful and was a fun way to end the meal. My husband and I also recommend their Banana Cream pie. That was yummy! Hubby also raved about their popcorn crawfish. 

So, thoughtful friends, that concludes getting a snippet into my food adventures in Oregon. It was a tasty fun experience! The Abbelone's cheese board experience has me interested in trying fun ways to create a deliciously prepared cheese board using my favorite cheeses and more! One of Indigo Ember's cheese boards makes a prime candidate for the presentation.

Do you have a favorite Heartfelt travel story with your significant, family member(s), and/or best friend that you would like to share with us? We embrace our lives and want you to do the same. It's a wonderful time when we are sharing our life and interacting with those we love.

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