Embracing Life & Love in Oregon - Series 3

embracing your life & love

 Oregon Vineyard Landscape

Photo Credits: © 2017 Patricia (Indigo Ember) 


Over the past two weeks, I have enticed you with the beautiful landscapes and foods that can be found in and/or around Eugene, Oregon. In this final installment of my Oregon journey, I want to take a moment to reflect and reminisce on the experiences and time I enjoyed with my husband while vacationing in Oregon.

This vacation came at the right time. Since the Fall of 2016, I have been extremely busy with pouring the majority of my energies into transitioning Tri~Elegance® to Indigo Ember™. I must admit it was challenging, yet a delightful ride. Rebranding a company is no small feat. The longer your old brand existed, the more effort required to make the transition. In the end, it was all worth it. I’m happy to have a brand that well represents the products I create and is a part of who I am as a person. When Indigo Ember’s website was launch on June 16th, it was time for some much-needed respite. That’s what my trip to Oregon provided!

One of my favorite experiences with vacationing and exploring new places including revisiting favorites is there is always a transformative, spiritual renewal that occurs within me. Oregon is filled with so much natural beauty. Right up my alley as an admirer of nature. Taking a pause from my busy life, spending quality time with my hubby, and enjoying the natural beauty in this world is refreshing. Enjoying the gorgeous Oregon views is peaceful and cause me to go into deep thought and reflect on my life, my faith in God, and my purpose in this world. Life is short and not to be taken for granted.

In addition to admiring nature, my husband and I had good conversations related to reflecting on our time together and life in general. We are continually amazed at how fast life moves as one ages. We’ll talk about something in the past and are amazed that it was 10 years ago when the event occurred but it feels like yesterday. Yipes! These moments also deepen my love for him as well.

Besides reflecting on how much older we are getting…Okay, we are not that old but we are not that young either. *smiles* Besides reflecting about our age, we also had a pleasant time brainstorming about launching Indigo Ember’s Wholesale program this summer and coming up with new ideas for wooden greeting card designs. Can’t totally say bye-bye to business matters while on vacation, especially as a business owner. The new wood card ideas will come to fruition very soon. Be sure to return back to the website to see new offerings coming in August.

Finally, to close this Oregon series, a great benefit with vacationing is the inspiration. The time-out helps get the juices flowing and coming up with new product ideas to execute when I return back home. It’s exciting! I look forward to presenting these new products to you soon and hope they bring much delight to your loved one.

The summer has been busy with the Indigo Ember website launch and soon, Indigo Ember’s Wholesale program. I’m fully enjoying this journey and looking forward to what lies ahead. I hope you enjoyed getting a little sneak peek into my personal life and the matters that influence the Indigo Ember brand and its product offerings.



P.S. One last photo to enjoy! Both blog post photos are of Oregon's vineyards.

Oregon Vineyard Photo #2

Photo Credits: © 2017 Patricia (Indigo Ember) 



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