Farewell to Summer 2017

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Summer Sunset in Pennsylvania 

Photo Credits: © 2017 Patricia (Indigo Ember)


Well Hello, thoughtful friend! Summer is technically not done until Friday, September 22nd. However, there is something with the advent of the Labor Day Holiday weekend and “feeling” like summer is over. School is back in session, vacations are not as popular during the fall (and winter) months, and the weather is beginning to cool off in September.  With the coming of the season’s change, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the joyous memories created during the summer months.

Near the beginning of summer, my husband and I tried out a modern urban, hip micro hotel in the Washington, DC area named Hotel Hive.  Hotel HiveIt’s a very interesting concept and perfect for the minimalist. As the word “micro hotel” may suggest, the rooms are much smaller than your typical hotel room in which makes these rooms more affordable. Despite this factor, you’ll still get what you need and a little more including a very friendly staff!

In speaking about friendly staff, be sure to try out &Pizza at Hotel Hive. The &Pizza staff were fabulous and offered excellent customer service. Oh my, the pizzas my husband and I tried were scrumptious! I have deliciously fond memories of their Berries + Sweet Cream dessert pizza (pictured below). My version of create-your-own-pizza was just as mouth-watering! That whole Hotel Hive experience got the summer on a good start.

Berries and Sweet Cream Dessert Pizza  by &Pizza

The month of June saw the relaunch of Indigo Ember’s beautiful branded website. This was a nine-month journey which began in October 2016. Tri~Elegance® transition into Indigo Ember over the course of those months. Along with the new brand, you saw new logos, taglines, and more. I’m very much excited about what’s to come for Indigo Ember.

During the month of July, I gave you a peek into our 11th Year Wedding Anniversary Oregon journey. I’m still at awe of the beauty that exists in the Northwestern region of the United States. If you missed the July Oregon blog series, the series begin here.

The month of August was a little more quiet but busy behind the scenes for the Indigo Ember team. We’re preparing for the Fall season including the upcoming Holiday 2017 season. Soon, you’ll see the launch of our revised Interchangeable Tealight holders. They will make a great gift for those cozy times, especially as the weather begins to cool. However, the best part is you can change out the tealight holder’s walls to suit your current preference, season and more. Be sure to come back to our website very soon because they are launching on Friday, August 25th.

Now, we have arrived to the conclusion of my Summer 2017 reflection. As the summer sun sets for the last time before the fall equinox takes the reins, reflect on those special memories you have created with those you love. Until next time…

Latte with Heart



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