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Lasting Love Wood Card

My hubby and I have been married nearly 11 years. Our love has grown so much over the past years, especially after experiencing many best, good, and challenging times. No matter how much preparation one takes, you cannot be fully prepared for marriage. This is not to be misinterpreted as some aspects of the relationship is not within our control. It’s those unknowns that get us and could be challenging, putting your love for one another to the ultimate test.

I recall during the early stages of my marriage, the love between my husband and I was put to some serious heightened tests. We have weathered those storms and our love grew stronger each day. We certainly continue to experience life ups and downs today. However, we know we have each other for support and encouragement.

Each year for Valentine’s Day, my hubby and I exchanged cards and a hand-written note. This is our love ritual and our personal method to demonstrate our sincere love towards one another during a popular U.S. holiday. I typically hand make my greeting cards. For one particular year, hubby and I experienced a lot of major changes and not-so-fun life trials. In addition, I also noted my love has done so much to help me to get to where I was at that point in my life. I was inspired to write a heartfelt note and greeting card sentiment.

Referring to the cards pictured, the handmade card on the left is the card I made for my husband as a Valentine’s Day gift. The wood card on the right is engraved with a love message inspired by the handmade card’s sentiments as well as the note I have written for my husband. This is in recognition to our love lasting through the best, good, and bad times. I drew upon that experience to write the original wording engraved so lovingly onto the wood card. I’m sure you can relate to the good and challenging times with your beloved and want to recognize your love still stands despite them. I raise my glass and say cheers to you both! True love can conquer anything and will teach you much about yourselves and life.

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