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 We’re well into the fall season in Pennsylvania. Leaves are turned and the weather is cooling off. My husband and I planned an October weekend getaway trip to a local spa resort. We both wanted to get away from the daily hustle and recharge our batteries. The resort offered various classes and I was most interested in the journaling class. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Indigo Ember’s wooden notebooks and journals!

While listening to the instructor speak about self-discovery journaling, I was pleasantly reminded about how I enjoyed writing diaries as a teenager and even as a young adult. I had a tendency to write when I’ve encountered a life crisis or otherwise called crisis journaling. It was cathartic and brought much self-healing. I remember allowing the streams of consciousness roll off my pen onto paper without care of format, spelling or grammar. It was liberating to have no judgement and freedom of expression in privacy.

However, I also was reminded about another style of journaling which is also just as rewarding but more positive: gratitude journaling. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negatives. How about looking through the lens of what is going right in one’s life to fight the negativity that is internal or external. This inspired Indigo Ember’s Attitude of Gratitude journalBeautiful Fall Pumpkins

After gaining some valuable perspective from the resort’s journaling class, I made a promise to myself to make concerted efforts to start journaling what I’m grateful for each day. My start date is set and now, I’m working on the strategy I will employ to make my journal effective and memorable for me.

I’m looking forward to new self-discovery moments!

How about yourself? Have you considered the benefits of journaling including reducing stress, exercising your creativity, improving your memory, keeping organized, and more? Take time to embrace your life and capture those memories so that you are reminded about how far you have come. One of the most rewarding thing I enjoyed about re-reading what I've wrote in the past is the wisdom and maturity I have gain though various life experiences. That's priceless!



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