Season of Coziness and Togetherness

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Personalized Hygge Journal with Wood Covers


Fall is arriving this Friday, September 22nd and that means the leaves are in the process of changing and the weather will gradually cool off. It's the season that begins warmth and coziness.

In speaking of coziness, are you familiar with the concept of hygge? It's a Danish term about creating an atmosphere and experience of comfortable coziness and togetherness which in return promotes well-being and happiness. We, at Indigo Ember, embrace this concept because we, too, strive to promote positive human relationships with those that you love by offering wooden products personalized with your heartfelt message.

No woman or man is an island. The hurried American life can cause us to get too busy for things that matter most: family and friends (and for those who are more spiritual: God). We are constantly bombarded with information about how we should think and lead our lives. Some of us get caught up with living the Corporate America life and constantly on the go to the point we are emotionally and physically exhausted from the madness. We also may lose focus because of all the negativity that is pump into lives daily via media. Therefore, forgetting there is some good in this world, too.

Let's embrace the elements of hygge. Take time-out this Fall season to be with those you love and be together in the here and now. Light up some candles, grab your favorite coffee or hot tea, and oh, do not forget dessert! Gather together and chat. Leave the egos outside and focus on being together and having a fabulous time. How does that sound? I hope it inspires you to give yourself that much needed time-out and time to focus on the things that matter in life. After the refreshing experience, take time to reflect and journal your thoughts so that you are reminded about the cherish moment with family and friends.




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