A Tale of Three Indigo Ember
Wooden Greeting Cards

Wood Greeting Cards by Indigo Ember

Here at Indigo Ember, we love paper! However, we’ve decided to return to the root of it all…wood. There is something special about etching a design onto a real wooden surface. From the sight of seeing a beautiful design engraved onto a timeless surface to the smell of the burnt wood is unforgettable.

When we launched our wooden greeting cards into the E-commerce market in early 2014, we presented our uniquely designed 4” x 6” wood cards. These cards featured graphics art designs which incorporated typography and/or images to communicate our customers’ genuine sentiments. The most popular woods used to create our cards are certified, sustainable real Alder wood sourced from U.S.A. forests. We also engraved our greeting card designs onto cherry and walnut woods, too (also certified sustainable). 

The woods used to create our wooden greeting cards are carefully examined by grain pattern, color, and texture. Indigo Ember wants to ensure our customers are getting the best quality wood for their purchase. Once the wood passes our quality test, it’s then ready for engraving. For woods that did not pass our laser sharp tests, we repurpose them for other uses such as creating promotional products. The high-quality woods are then laser engraved and/or laser-cut with our designs onto their beautiful surfaces on the front. If elected, on the backs of the wood cards, we laser engrave our customers’ heartfelt personalized messages.

Our 4 x 6 wood cards became popular and are well received by our customers. We are tickled and delighted when we learn how much an impact our cards have made or are making when given as gifts to those you love! Thank you for sharing your stories.

In early 2016, we have announced our mini wood cards as an introductory line to Indigo Ember’s greeting card repertoire. These wood cards offer the same beauty and quality like its 4" x 6" wood cousin except in a smaller size (3.75” x 4.75”). Just like their cousin, these cards became just as popular.

We did not stop with our mini wood cards! This summer (2017), we introduced a new upgrade to our popular wood cards, the 5” x 7” wood cards. Our 5 x 7 wood cards are our luxury cards. These cards are designed for those very special celebratory moments in your life or for those who prefer a large card to express their love.

So, there you have it! Our tale is Indigo Ember offers three wood card sizes to help express your love to that special person in your life: Our mainstay 4 x 6 wood cards, mini and large wood cards. Which card is right for you depends on your personal preference and budget. If you are new to wood cards, you can begin with our mini wood cards and get a taste of what Indigo Ember has to offer. Otherwise, our 4x6 wood cards are good starting point, too! Want to make a bigger impact, our large wood cards can do the trick.

We love hearing stories from our customers. Have one to share? Send us your story and you may see it featured in one of our upcoming blog posts. See our current wood card collection here.


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