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Hello friend and welcome to Indigo Ember’s From the Heart blog! 

Grab a fresh hot cup of tea or coffee; locate your favorite comfortable chair; sit back, relax, & sip away. This blog will whisk you on a fun journey about the celebration of love in your life as well as in the world that encompasses you. With so much negativity out in the world, it’s refreshing to take a respite from it all and commiserate with others of a similar mindset and share the good that is occurring in your life. Sharing how you are making those close to you and love feel more special. Sharing how you are infusing your sweet, modern rustic home with mementos of your loving relationships and beauty. Isn’t that exciting? We think so too!

We, at Indigo Ember, want to share inspiring personal and customer stories which celebrate expressing love to your significant other or spouse, family, friends and giving love back to our communities. In addition, we want to bring love and beauty into your home. We’ll share tips on hosting memorable family celebrations at your home with your loved ones; exploring ideas for enriching your home life with modern rustic & personable home accents; and more. You’ll also get a taste of Indigo Ember’s one-of-kind product offerings which will help you to uniquely express your love; and decorate your home with eco-friendly, Earth-sourced materials that can be personalized and lovingly made in the USA.

Get ready to fill your world with so much love and beauty! We can’t wait to share our stories and hear yours. Have a favorite Heartfelt Expressions of Love story to share? Send us your story and you may see it featured in one of our future blog posts!

Warmly from the heart,



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