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Sports Dad Baseball Birthday Wood Card

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$ 18.50

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A timeless and unique gift for the dad who enjoys a good baseball game.

Remember the times when dad cheered his favorite Baseball team? The thrill of seeing a player hitting a home run and/or doing a cool maneuver that had you wishing you could execute it yourself? Celebrate those times with your fabulous dad and give him a lasting, memorable gift for his birthday. You can also add your special personalized message for dad on the back of this beautiful wood card - making it uniquely dad's.


* Sentiment laser engraved onto 100% real Alder wood.
* High quality, certified sustainable wood sourced from U.S.A. forests, not contributing to deforestation and habitat degradation.
* Engraved by store owner located in the U.S. You are playing a special role in helping small U.S. businesses.

- Dimensions: 4" x 6" (W x H)
- Thickness: 1/8" 
- Card Type: flat wood card
- Front: 
You are 
a home run
I Love You
Happy Birthday"

©2017 Indigo Ember, LLC

Designed by Indigo Ember (formerly Tri~Elegance).

Note: This card is created using real wood. The wood grains can vary, making each card unique.

Mailing ~ Mailing wooden cards require care with its packaging. To protect the product while in transit to its destination, please mail using a rigid envelope and padded mailer combination.

Estimated to ship between 3 to 6 business days.

Lovingly made in the U.S.A.