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Personalized State Latitude Longitude Wood Drink Coasters (Set of 4)

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These beautiful Latitude Longitude State coaster set make a unique gift for various occasions including weddings, anniversaries, moving gift and more! 


* Laser engraved onto 100% real Alder wood.
* High quality, certified sustainable wood sourced from U.S.A. forests, not contributing to deforestation and habitat degradation.
* Engraved by store owner located in the U.S. You are playing a special role in helping small U.S. businesses.

- Dimensions: 4" diameter
- Thickness: 1/4 inch thick
- Contents: A set of 4 wooden coasters
- Packaging: Packaged into box presentation

Designed by Indigo Ember (formerly Tri~Elegance). 

Note: Please note these coasters are created using real wood and marble. Therefore, the wood can vary slightly, making each coaster unique.

There are tools available via Google search that can be used to obtain the latitude and longitude for your desired address. Otherwise, please provide a valid address using the free text field available upon checkout. The heart (pictured) visible on the state will be placed in close proximity to the latitude and longitude information provided.

Estimated to ship within 7 business days.

Lovingly made in the U.S.A.