Our Story

We use natural materials to express love that lasts a lifetime, because your love lasts a lifetime.

Originally established as a handmade greeting card company in 2012, Indigo Ember® creates unique, customizable gifts and home goods using earth-based materials like wood, paper, and rock. Each surface we engrave has its own beauty and distinct characteristics.

Inspiring thoughtful
human relationships

We believe in invoking love for your substantial relationships, those that matter most to you, by offering high-quality, one-of-a-kind products that will have your beloved basking in the rays of happiness created by you. We relish the opportunity to help you and your loved one build nostalgic memories of your special moments together.

Lovingly giving back
with an eye on sustainability

We support American manufacturing by sourcing over 95% of our raw materials from small to medium sized businesses located throughout the USA. We lovingly make our products in Wayne, PA. We aim to be good stewards of our planet and lessen our footprint as best as we can by using sustainable, earth-friendly raw materials and eco-friendly packaging.

To me, Indigo Ember is personal.

It was inspired by my father, who was a woodworker and made picnic tables, chairs, and more throughout my childhood. It was inspired by my mother, who spent more than 20 years as a loyal employee to a company that eventually outsourced her position overseas. This instilled in me a desire to give back through my work by keeping jobs at home. That’s why our products are lovingly made in the USA. Lastly, Indigo Ember is inspired by me and my sincere desire to help people, like you, lead purposeful lives which include building solid relationships with those you love. We do this by happily personalizing each creation so that it speaks volumes from your heart.

with love,