Black and White Round Christmas Ornament

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Simply charming ornament to uniquely decorate your Christmas tree.

Hand-assembled, Laser-cut wooden ornament layered with classic Black & White Polka Dot or Striped ribbons. Available in both Polka Dot and Striped styles including 3.5" and 4" sizes.


* Laser engraved onto 100% real Alder wood.
* High quality, certified sustainable wood sourced from U.S.A. forests, not contributing to deforestation and habitat degradation.
* Engraved by store owner located in the U.S. You are playing a special role in helping small U.S. businesses.

- Dimensions: 3.5" diameter or 4" diameter (W x H)
- Thickness: 3/16"
- Sentiment on Front: <blank, no sentiment>
- Reverse Side: <blank, no sentiment>
- Contents: One wooden ornament adorned with cream twine 
- Packaging: Packaged to protect from damage

Designed by Indigo Ember (formerly Tri~Elegance).


Please note these ornaments are created using real wood. Therefore, the wood grains can vary slightly, making each one unique. 


Estimated to ship within 6 business days.

Lovingly made in the U.S.A.