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Personalized Marbled Easter Egg Wooden Place Card Setting Set (Set of 6)

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$ 36.00

Add a unique experience to your Easter baskets, table decorations or party using these beautiful wooden floral designed name cards. These place cards can be used to personalize your Easter table setting, given as favor gifts to your guests and/or labeling Easter baskets.


* Laser engraved onto 100% real Alder wood.
* High quality, certified sustainable wood sourced from U.S.A. forests, not contributing to deforestation and habitat degradation.
* Engraved by store owner located in the U.S. You are playing a special role in helping small U.S. businesses.

- Dimensions: approximately 3" x 4" (W x H)
- Thickness: 3/32"
- Card Type: flat wood place card
- Front: [first name]
- Reverse Side: <blank, no sentiment>
- Contents: A set of 6 wooden place card with place card stands
- Packaging: Packaged to protect from damage.

Designed by Indigo Ember (formerly Tri~Elegance). 


Estimated to ship within 5 business days.

Lovingly made in the U.S.A.