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  • Personalized Wood Serving Board by Indigo Ember

Personalized Walnut Serving Board with Established Date

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A special and timeless heirloom gift for the wedding couple.

This beautiful and personalized Walnut serving board make a timeless gift for the special Wedding couple in your life. It's an heirloom which can be passed onto generations to come.

*Also makes a memorable gift for Wedding anniversaries!


* High quality, certified sustainable Walnut wood sourced from U.S.A. forests, not contributing to deforestation and habitat degradation.

- Dimensions: 6" x 12" (W x H)
- Wood Thickness: 3/4" 
- Contents: 1 wooden cutting board
- Packaging: Packaged to protect from damage.

Designed by Indigo Ember (formerly Tri~Elegance).

Note: Please note these boards are created using real wood. Therefore, the wood grains can vary slightly, making each board unique.


Estimated to ship between 5 to 8 business days (depends on quantity ordered).

Lovingly made in the U.S.A.