Postage Stamp Valentines Day Mini Card - Love Card with Philadelphia City Skyline - Letters M thru P


NEW! Introducing Tri~Elegance mini wood cards! This wood card offers the same beauty and quality like its 4" x 6" wood cousin except in a smaller size.

Celebrate the city which started your love relationship using this unique postage stamp style mini wood card. Makes a great gift to celebrate Wedding anniversaries, Valentine's Day and more!

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Wood card stand available for purchase. Use to display your card (see last image). Just click on the "wood card stand" hyperlink.


*100% real Alder wood
*Certified, sustainable, high quality wood product

The wood image is laser engraved by store owner. If you desire a personalize message engraved onto the back, see this listing.

- Dimensions: 3.75" x 4.75" (W x H)
- Thickness: 3/32"
- Card Type: flat wood card
- Front: "Where Our Love Story Began"
- Reverse Side: <blank, no sentiment>
- Contents: 1 wooden card with coordinating envelope
- Packaging: Packaged to protect from damage.

Designed by Tri~Elegance.

Note: Please note this card is created using real wood. Therefore, the wood grains can vary slightly, making each card unique. In addition, this card is best given in person.

However, if desire to mail, it is highly recommended to send the card using a bubble/rigid mailer to protect from potential damage while in transit.


1. Select your desired city skyline for this wood card. This listing is for cities beginning with M through P.

2. If you desire a personalize message engraved onto the back, see this listing.

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