Personalized Wood Tree Slice Table Charger - Wooden Trivet


Accent your table decoration this Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holiday season using these personalized wood table charger plates / trivet. The tree slice can also be used as decoration for tables, holidays and more!

*100% real basswood from the USA
*Tree slice is sustainable and repurposed (e.g., harvested from fallen wood or blown down)
*Dried, sanded and treated wood (non-toxic)
*Note: Tree slice isn't designed for serving food on it. Its purpose is for decoration only.

The wood is laser engraved by store owner. This product only ships to USA locations only.

- Dimensions: 6" or 7" slightly oval shaped tree slice
- Wood Thickness: 1"
- Contents: 1 wood tree slice charger / trivet
- Packaging: Packaged to protect from damage.

Designed by Tri~Elegance. Wood tree slice sourced and product produced in the USA.

Note: Please note the table chargers are created using real wood. Therefore, the wood grains can vary slightly, making each charger unique. In addition, the dimension provided is approximate and may vary slightly due to the nature of the wood.


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